Your Reliable Storage Service in Lviv

Reliability and security - that's what you get with TrustBox. Forget about overcrowded closets, balconies, and unclear attic storage. Contact us today and start your journey towards a more organized, secure, and free life with TrustBox!
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Safe and Economically Efficient Solutions for Your Property Storage

With TrustBox, your property is always protected and under 24/7 surveillance. Our modern storage units in Lviv ensure confidentiality and security, allowing you to free up valuable space in your life. We offer optimal prices and an excellent discount system. You won't overpay for extra space, as you choose the box size that suits your needs.
  • Rental for Business:

    Is your business moving, undergoing reconstruction, optimization, facing limited warehouse options, or in need of additional space for secure and reliable asset storage? Renting a warehouse at TrustBox will be your optimal solution.

  • Rental for Home:

    Renting a box at TrustBox will help you manage space in your residence, ensuring reliable storage, security, and organization of your belongings. It will also significantly simplify moving and renovation processes.

  • Security System:

    TrustBox storage service ensures complete security for your assets, including video surveillance, access control, 24/7 security, and other safety measures.

  • 24/7 Support:

    Our warehouse facilities in Lviv are available to clients even at night. You can access your rented box anytime, day or night, regardless of the day of the week, without weekends or holidays.

About TrustBox

We Make Your Life Easier:

Modern, customer-oriented service for renting space for storing your things!

TrustBox is a popular format of individual storage (self-storage) widely used in Europe and the USA. This convenient service significantly simplifies people’s daily lives. Whether you need warehouse rental in Lviv for personal or business purposes, storing belongings with TrustBox will provide you with economic benefits through space optimization, flexible renting, and reliable security.
Renting a storage unit offers the opportunity to store items when you lack space at home or in the
office. Storage boxes at TrustBox are a convenient solution if you need to store your belongings during a move, home or office renovation, extended absence, or when you have many items and limited free space. Our boxes offer you the chance to keep your possessions in a safe, private, reliable, and accessible space, ensuring greater organization, order, reliability, and security.
You can use TrustBox units to store furniture, appliances, archival documents, tools, seasonal items, toys, sports equipment, and many other items and goods.
At TrustBox, you can rent storage units and mini-boxes ranging in size from 0.4 m² to 10 m². You rent a box for the period you need – from one month to a year or even longer. The longer the rental term and the larger the box, the more you save!
TrustBox storage service ensures reliable protection of your property, including video surveillance systems, access control, and other security measures.
Renting an individual box at TrustBox gives you full control over your belongings. You personally hold the keys and have access to your box 24/7.

Forget all the worries about the TrustBox storage service:

With us, your belongings will always be safe, and you'll be able to enjoy life without unnecessary troubles. Your peace of mind is our priority!
  • Complete and reliable protection for your belongings

  • 24/7 access to storage units

  • Storage ranging from documents to large-sized furniture

  • Diverse selection of units based on sizes

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How does it work?

Three Simple Steps for Renting a Box:

  • Choose a Box for Rent:

    Storage units come in various sizes, allowing you to select the area that suits your needs. At TrustBox, you can rent boxes and mini-boxes ranging in size from 0.4 m² to 10 m².

  • Choose a Rental Period: 

    You can rent a box for the duration you require – from one month to a year or even longer. Remember, the longer the rental term, the greater the discount you receive!

  • Contact a Manager:

    Call a TrustBox manager to confirm the availability of the box you need. Complete the agreement, make the payment, and bring your items to the storage facility!

Calculate the cost

The longer you stay with us, the more you save. Calculate the price of renting your storage unit.
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Customer support

Most frequently asked questions:

Everything you need to know about TrustBox! If you haven’t found the answer to your question, you can contact our caring support service.

  • What is an individual storage box?

    An individual storage box, also known as a Self-Storage box, is a private space that can be rented for temporary storage of personal belongings, goods, or other materials. It's a secure, dry, and protected area. The walls and doors of the box are made of strong metal alloy.
  • What is needed to rent a box? 

    Renting a storage box is very simple! Choose the size of the box that suits you (or consult with our manager about this question). Select the duration for which you plan to rent the box. Call the TrustBox manager to confirm if the box you need is available. Complete the agreement, make the payment, and bring your belongings to the storage facility!
  • What are the consequences if I stop paying the rent? 

    TrustBox always values the interests of our clients and understands various life situations. Within 45 days, you will have the opportunity to resolve any misunderstandings regarding overdue payments with us. However, if the bill remains unpaid, we will have to transfer your belongings from the personal box to the general area. All relevant details can be found in our agreement.
  • Is it possible to grant access to the box to other individuals?

    You can grant access to your box to trusted individuals. To do so, you need to specify a list of persons in the agreement whom you allow access to your box and provide the authorized person with the key to the box.
  • Are there shelves or racks in the boxes? 

    You rent an empty storage box and have the option to customize it according to your needs. TrustBox is happy to offer you shelves and pallets for rent and provide additional packing materials. You can get all the details from our managers.