Dear parents!

Childhood is a magical world for our children, filled with joy, incredible experiences, and wonderful moments. During this period, children acquire their first toys, which, unfortunately, can gradually take up more and more space in your home, becoming a problem for many parents. The growth in the volume of toys, clothing, and other items can cause concern and limit the free space in your home. That’s why today we want to share with you some tips on how to properly prepare children’s toys for storage in the modern TrustBox storage complex. Our boxes are a convenient and safe place to store children’s belongings, allowing your children to preserve their memories and happiness while freeing up space at home.

Select only the best.

Before sending toys to TrustBox for storage, take a critical look at your child’s collection. Try to keep only those toys that have special value for them or can be used in the future. Divide the toys into three groups: favorites and ones they constantly play with; temporarily irrelevant ones; and damaged ones. Favorite toys that your child often uses should be kept close at hand, while temporarily irrelevant ones or those your child has outgrown can be sent to TrustBox for storage. It’s best to discard damaged toys, so they don’t take up valuable space.

Clean toys from dust and dirt.

Before packing toys for storage, be sure to clean them from dust and dirt, thoroughly wash and dry them. If the toys are machine washable, check the manufacturer’s instructions and launder them accordingly. This will not only help preserve the toys in good condition but also make them safe for future use.

Divide toys into categories.

Effective organization is the key to storing things in TrustBox. Categorize toys by type or category to easily find what you need in the future. For example, you can create separate containers for soft toys, building blocks, board games, and so on. This approach will save you time and make it easy to find the items you need when it’s time to retrieve them from storage.

Please use the correct packaging materials.

Properly packaging toys will help protect them from damage and keep them in good condition throughout the storage period. Here are a few recommendations:

• Use high-quality plastic or cardboard boxes that will effectively shield the toys from moisture and dust.

• Disassemble large toys to save space. Store them together with their corresponding accessories and instructions.

• Toys, especially those containing small parts or made of fragile materials, should be packaged with special care. Use bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, and other protective materials to minimize the risk of damage during transportation and storage.

• Pack soft toys in fabric bags or plastic bags. This will help maintain their shape and prevent damage.

• Place the toys carefully, avoiding overloading, to ensure they don’t get damaged during transportation and storage.

Remember that when taking care of your comfort, TrustBox storage service offers a wide range of additional services to better protect your belongings. You have the option to rent shelves and pallets. Purchase packing boxes in various sizes as needed. We also offer a variety of office supplies, including tape, scissors, utility knives, labeling stickers, and more.

Logical labeling.

To easily find the toys you need in your TrustBox, label each container or box with a tag or sticker describing its contents. This simple labeling, with a description of the contents of each box, will save you time and simplify the search process. You can also create an inventory list of all the toys and attach it to the container or save it in electronic form for future use.

Save space with proper organization.

When placing toys in your TrustBox, think about maximizing space optimization. Place large and heavy items at the bottom and lightweight and small ones at the top. When arranging toy containers in your TrustBox, ensure that the most needed toys are easily accessible. Position them closer to the entrance or on the top shelves. All of this will help save space and make the process of finding the necessary toys more convenient.

In TrustBox, you can rent storage units and mini-storage units ranging in size from 0.4 m² to 10 m². You can rent a unit for the period of time that suits your needs, from one month to a year or even longer. The longer the rental term and the larger the unit, the more you save!

When storing children’s toys, it is important to consider factors such as temperature and humidity. It is best to store toys in a dry and cool place to avoid damage from high humidity or extreme temperatures. TrustBox storage service offers you a climate-controlled storage facility that provides stable conditions and protects your belongings from the harmful effects of the external environment.

Storing children’s toys in TrustBox in Lviv will help you free up space in your home, preserve precious memories, and ensure the reliable safety of toys for future generations.

Remember that proper preparation and organization can make storing children’s toys an easy and worry-free process. Rent reliable boxes at TrustBox and enjoy endless space and order in your home!

Your peace of mind is our priority!